Importance of Sanitary Towels

The importance of sanitary towels cannot be understated. It is a sensitive subject in many cultures, but the lack of them is also a major problem in many cultures. With such a taboo subject being brought up e.g. the subject of menstruation in women, it is important to question not only why it is taboo but how that mentality affects the use and importance of sanitary towels across the world.

Benefits Of Sanitary Towels


Hygiene is the biggest reason, without question. Millions of women across the world have to resort to dangerous and unsanitary methods to create makeshift sanitary towels or to stem the bleeding. This can cause severe damage or infection to their reproductive organs. Proper clean towels allow a woman to go through menstruation in a safer, more hygienic and comfortable manner. A lack of clean towels can cause serious problems in the health department for many women, especially when their alternatives are recycling dirty material or using unsafe methods to try and stem the bleeding to avoid discomfort and embarrassment.


Speaking of comfort, it is also a major factor, and not just on a commercial pitch basis. Sanitary towels and the idea of menstruation, in general, is still a taboo subject in many countries around the world. Having visible stains on uniforms or clothes, in general, can be devastating for a woman and even come with serious consequences. Having a menstrual period in a comfortable, discreet manner is important to women across the world, and it is not without good reason.

Domino Effects

This might sound strange, but a lack of sanitary towels can cause issues one might not expect. In a published study, a lack of sanitary towels proved to reduce the attendance of adolescent girls in Kenyan slums drastically. This again comes down to a desire to avoid embarrassment at blood stained clothes and a lack of material making for no safe alternatives to be used.

Psychological Impact

Menstruation is a normal process for a womsdvsdvsdvsdvsdvsdvsdvsdvsdvsdvsdvsdvsdvsdvsdvsdvsdvan. However, as mentioned earlier, the taboo around it remains active. Access to and understanding of sanitary towels plays a crucial role in breaking this taboo and making women more comfortable with the process. A lack of sanitary towels tends to let the embarrassment and disdain over discussing menstruation linger when it should not.